What happens to girls if they take Viagra?

This question might strike as odd to some people, but its something I wouldnt mind needing to know. What happens to girls if they take viagra?!?!

Answer #1

harley1375, wow well thanks for the information and nah, im not planning n giving them to a woman

Answer #2

captainassassin, well the… STANDING more erect.. isnt that for guys?… im asking what happens to girls..

maxypoo, LOL that was funny wasnt helpful at all but it sure did bring me a laugh. hahaha thanks for tryin anyways

Answer #3

hahaha,i always joke with my friends, and tell them my fingers get hard, hah.

I honestly dont know what would happen.. Probably nothing. =/

Answer #4

lol i don know!!! im gonna go ask my mom. she probably make some weird answer but shes just a silly mom o well im going to ask her. i think nothing would happen but ill ask… she said…lol she said your vagina would fall on the floor ha ha i dont think taht was helpful o well i tried :)

Answer #5

your pee pee cave turns into a pee pee mountain

Answer #6

You STAND more erect…

Answer #7

I don’t know my friend and I believe that the girl would grow a penis but we always joke around bout it but its a mysteryyy haha lol :D I tried

Answer #8

roflmao I love the responses. thanks everyone

Answer #9

A research says:

Although Viagra can indeed create the outward signs of arousal in many women, that seems to have little effect on a woman’s willingness, or desire, to have s*x. SO basically it does nothing to women BECAUSE it is a tablet for men.

AND its dangerous to take medication that is not prescribed for you. My partner cannot use Viagra, he got a bad respiratory reaction to the tablets, couldn’t breath,so be carefull if you are thinking of using them or giving them to a female you are with.

Answer #10

Hmm, yourr nipples would probably get hard & you’d probably get more wet. I’ve read a couple stories on it because I was curious as well. Haha (;

Answer #11

LOL these guys are fake “ I had gave my frnd’s galfrnds vigra in bonvita it works Bro…” “She not able to control her self “ but dont try on your frnds galfrnd result will be bad …

Answer #12

pft who needs viagra? my boy went four hours straight. best experience ever

Answer #13

pft who needs viagra? my boy went four hours straight. best experience ever

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