girls an scissoring!

when girls scissor can they give each other an orgasim??

Answer #1

its a feeling like when a boy licks your vag. and teases it… like an angel has just gone into your soul and made some sort of new sensational feeling of love towrds this person… (a new comapssion for them) P.S- this is all from the heart

Answer #2

Yes, an orgasm can occur as a result of this process (the actual process is knows as tribadism). The clitoris (which is of course highly sensitive) is often directly stimulated during this sexual process and so yes, an orgasm is a likely result of this practice…

Answer #3

hell yea!

Answer #4

Oh man yes me and my friend just did and we are offically in love with it

Answer #5

Isn’t an organism a living thing that is made of a group of organs systems made be organ that are made by tissue which are made of cells (sorry for the spam, jokin around). Well I guess an organism would happen when you fell really good down in you vagina and you have bodily fluids come out. so I guess it’s possible if you get “happy” enough.

Answer #6

i wanted to try but never had someone to do it with

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