What should i get my girlfriend for her birthday?

Alright I am 13, and I have been going out with my girlfriend for 8 months. I have already gotten her jewlery, and flowers for previous occasions. She is a difficult person to buy things for. I have already given her plenty of necklaces and bracelets. I have plenty of time until her birthday, but I want to have ideas so that I won't scramble when it comes closer to her birthday. Any suggestions of what to get her or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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give her a kiss, and take her out somewhere special, then she can have the memories forever :) romance is awesome lolz

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Maybe your girlfriend like perfume, cards, or maybe gift certificates to different places.

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if it were me...I love to get a long heart felt letter from my boyfriend. those are so important to a girl...material gifts aren't near as romantic

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I know her birthday is past, but to anyone who reads this, watching a girl's favorite "girlie movie" with her is sooo sweet. my boyfriend and I can't drive, so we mostly just watch movies and one day I let him know that I wanted to watch my favorite movie, the notebook. haha. I thought that he'd just laugh and think I was joking, instead he said o.k. surprised the HECK outta me, and I'll never forget it.

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well if you have lots of money you could spend tons of money. but if not just make something like maybe a holder for all the necklaces and bracelets you have already given her. but remember it's not what the gift is it's the thought that counts.

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awww 8 months, datz cuyute.. newayz, bak to reality here.., ok, well just go shopping with her, let her pick out a few things buy them, && LOOK! there's her gift! :]

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Take her out to dinner at a nice resteraunt, and have the waiters/waitresses bring her another gift, like another form of jewelry or something else she might like with her order. Make sure to arrange such before the day of the event.

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She doesn't have to be materialistic to talk about things she likes or doesn't like.

What if you see something you like and hold it up and ask her, "well, what do you think about this?" and see what she says...

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The sweetest gift a boy can give to his girl is his time, effort, and care. Take time, when you two are talking to find out things about her that you didn't already know. Take time to give her something special and thoughtful. Girls don't care if you give them a hug for their b-day, just as long as it comes from the heart. Good Luck

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Well thank you for that compliment. I like the red roses, spa and dinner ideas. She is acutally 11 months older than I am (she's 14). Thanks for those. They are very much appreciated.

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Well, any books she really wants, she preorders or gets right away. Yes we have been to the mall, but she isn't materialistic. Making it all the more difficult for me to get her something. Thanks for the adivce though.

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I think you this time you should give her something different and more special, like make a video or a slide show of all your pictures together, and you can include wishes/ messages from all her friends as well. she'd be able to appreciate it more because you have never given her something that you yourself worked hard on (literally). that way you can also show her how sincere you are and how special she is to you and to everyone else.

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Again asking mom is a great idea! but might ask her brother or sister if have one? Maybe if she loves puppys get her one and if her parents dont want it at her house you can keep at your place! Maybe get her a trip for you and her and her pparents to go to the beach!Be sure to say to the parents you have to come to to or they may not trust you to alone together. and they might apperciate you more! Hope it helps!!

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wow, seems like such a mature relationship for just a 13 year old young man.
Well, asking her mom is an excellent idea. However, have u tried perfume? or maybe a puppy? Maybe a Whole Day of surprises... starting with Red Roses delivered to her home in the morning..with a note stating what an unforgettable day this will be for her... then a Gift Package for a Day Spa, for a facial, manicure, peddie just being pampered little a princess... then maybe to a mystery dinner theater...those are always fun. (let them know its her birthday).

Maybe she'd like a Nice Coat and Boots.

Is she 13 too???

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Not recently. Her birthday isn't until Oct. Last year, I took her out to dinner at one of her favorite restaurants.

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You can learn a lot about your girlfriend just by listening to her.

Perhaps she has made mention of a favorite artist or favorite book or movie she would really like to have.
Have you gone to the mall with her and browsed? Keep an eye on what types of things she is checking out. Listen for "I really like that..." and make a mental note.

Again, just listen to her and you will pick up some great ideas...

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My advice to you is to just let your balls drop first. This is the greatest gift you can give to your girl.

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Have you asked her mom?

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make her a cd

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A Hoodie =D

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Thanks Prettygurly21. And thanks to everyone else who gave this question there thoughts and comments.

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Hello this is lucas im 21 years old and been dating my girlfriend for 4 years and what you girl wants from you is to bee creative and fun and it doesn't matter really what you get her.

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give her flowers of her favorite color and a card and leave it on her door step and then ring the door bell and let he pick them up and inside the card have it say like happy birthbay and then under it it could say like PS: look up and the you would be standing there dressed in nice clothes then you think of the rest from there

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awh get her a puppy.. or a ring from like tiffamy's or something like that.. im 15 so here is what I would want:

juicy couture charm bracelet
betsy johnson bag
tiffany's gold heart necklace
free manicure for like a year
a sweet vacation with him
a pretty bible
taylor swift anything...
mark jacobs anything...
flowers with a sweet neklace or ring in it...

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I am sorry I am being such a pain about this. I should have been more specific from the beginning. She is the type who wont tell me what she likes or wants because she doesn't want me to spend money on her. Last year, I spent a month asking her AND her friends for ideas and no one would tell me anything.

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You said you give her plenty of jewellery, necklaces and bracelets so I am not gonna suggest you that. Did she like dresses? If so then you can gift her wonderful gown for party or any other function she can wear. Try to search in local markets or you can browse for online sites too. Checkout these designer gowns and then you can decide what will be the best suited color for her.

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