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Do you think my girlfriend is pregnant?

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We last had sex about a month ago, a while I know but we have both been put off for a while because we think she could be pregnant. She managed to get 3 pregnancy tests and they all said she isn't, however she missed her period and then had it for about 3 days and it stopped again. Now she has a weird small lump on her stomach? It confused me because it had only been 4 weeks and she has a lump? She says it might not be anything like that, it could be because she ate loads? She wants to believe she is putting weight on but its clearly not just added weight. Also, after we had sex the man stuff was on she outside of the condom.. I had a look to make sure the condom hadn't split, which it didn't.. We're both confused and rather weird, neither of us want to be parents just yet.. What do you think? Also how long do we have before she can't have an abortion anymore? (UK) Thank you.