Girl issue

I really really am confused here, so I need real answers. Okay…

I have now had my period for 6 weeks. The normal week that it should be, it’s heavy like always. Then for the rest of the time, it’s somewhere between spotting and actualy bleeding. It’s still enough that I have to wear a pad everyday, which gets really really annoying and inconvenient.

Is there a real problem with me? Some weird home remedy that I can try? Anyone else had this problem? I really need some answers here…

Answer #1

yeah, mine last a 8 months once… something about messed up hormones or whatever… no home remedy unfortunately, go see a doctor, hormonal birth control might be able to help…

Answer #2

yeah get checked out because it usually is irregular within the first couple years of starting but it shud never be going on for 6 weeks at a time! thats crazy! get checked out and dont be embarrased

Answer #3

You need to go to a oby/yn or your doctor. There could be something wrong. He/she might be able to prescribe you something that would help regulate them. Get checked out soon. Just to make sure.

Answer #4

yea deffinitly get checked out it will probally help

Answer #5

go to the docter NOW!

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