Who knows if ginseng red tea is for slimming?

Answer #1

Being Chinese, I see a lot of stores that sell herbs and I do see a lot of ginseng slimming products. Ginseng does two things to help “slim”, it gives you a boost in metabolism, and gives you more energy. I would not rely on just drinking tea to lose weight, proper diet, as well as exercise are needed. Either way, ginseng is a very good for the human body, so it will not harm you.

Answer #2

I was told that ginseng red tea is for adding weight. Is so complicated because i dont want to lose weight. I’m slim

Answer #3

Really? I hear red tea helps you lose weight rather than gain. It apparently reduces appetite and controls it.

Answer #4

Waoh! I get it…I’ve really emaciated thinking it was my previous illness. Ok, what then can make me come back to normal. I want to add weight.

Answer #5

I agree with Jenicee. Ginseng is not to lose weight. It gives you extra energy and a certain kind is to increase you immune system. Drinking ginseng tea regularly is believed to give your body shield against flu.

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