What are some new bands to listen to?

I like almost everything, 'specially metal.
But don't say System Of A Down, Disturbed, Avenged Sevenfold, Korn, or Linkin Park because I dont like them.

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well I don't know much about metal, but I recommend...
-a skylit drive
-owl city
-dot dot curve:)
-kings of leon

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I've read some of the band posted on your questions and I haven seen Aroarah. You can listen to them on purevolume. They're sort of screamo/rock.

Hope that helps

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foshizzlemanizzle, I love Hadouken! =D, I'll try the other band too.

informer_220- I'll try Anathema, I like all the other bands already though =).

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THE LAST OZZY ! black rain album ... the last WHITESNAKE ! good to be bad ... the last IRON MAIDEN ! a matter of life and death ... and finally the last SCORPIONS ! hour 1 ...All of these album are great ... heavy and melodic ! ... I love them !

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metal? well depends on what kind really but here are some

Demon Hunter, iced earth, Celtic frost, Anathema, Samuel, Nine inch Nails

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karyuuu the bands you like are far from metal,a few bands you don't like have metal lyrics and riffs,and dont ever consider brokenCYDE,Tokio Hotel,are Hadouken! as metal...

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yay fashionfreak Tokio Hotel rocks. ^^
The Medic Droid is pretty much awesome.

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I don't know about metal, but maroon 5, METRO STATION is a good band also.

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A skylit Drive,
Arch Enemy,
Suicide Silence<3
Escape the Fate
Kill paradise
Bring Me The Horizon
I set my friends on fire
Children Of Bodom
all really great

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