What color makeup for blue eyes and pale skin?

I have bright blue eyes and pale skin I want to know what colors of makeup products would look good on me for instance I want to try soft black eyeliner would it look good on me?

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I have Blue eyes, and I'm quite pale if I do say so. But I use a traditional base with blue eyeline on the top and a soft black on the bottom. It not only makes my eye color pop out, but against the black it's just amazing how pretty it looks.

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Plum is super cute.
soft black looks more dramatic.

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brown eyeliner is the best because its still dark and gives you that edgy look but it wont be so harsh. the brown will also make your blue eyes pop and stand out.

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go for a plum eye liner.
it will still give you a dark eye look but won't make you look too pale.

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Go with Marlene's advice. You want to stick with earth colors. Brown etc
Use a lighter color on the lid , and a darker color on the crease, finish with eye liner , and mascara.

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if youre really pale eyeliner might make you look even paler, and kinda ghostly, so you can experiment with it but make sure you have some makeup remover so you can fix it if you dot like it [cause some eyeliners are waterproof and wont come off with just water... ...id suggest an eyeliner pencil if you do want to use eye liner...
also its probably best to use kinda natural looking makeup...so a little mascara and a little blush to light up your face...then light pink lip gloss, if its dark it might look kinda severe...and then lighter shades of eye shadow, so spring colors, light green, baby blue, pink, kinda orange/mandarin colors might look good...or you could just get one of those sample kits and experiment with makeup and decide yourself what looks best =]

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black eyeliner would be good.

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try warm gloden eye-shadows, or light beige / brown, they will look great with blue eyes and pale skin. Use light pink blush for your cheeks, brown or grey mascara and delicate (pink or transparent) lip gloss or lip stick

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it depends if your really pale it could make you look like a ghost or really tired
but if you use colour or a bit of blusher it could bring out your eye colour and give your face/cheeks more colour [=
hope it helped

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What color hair do you have . it mostly depends on your skin and hair color

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it probably will
black eyeliner will really make your blue eyes "pop"
itll make them a lot more noticable and stand out
it might or might not suit you though so just play around with some makeup at home
other colours you can try are
...or try out all the colours, you can even use more than one colour of eyeliner/eyeshadow if you want

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no well tbh I ave blue eyes and pale skin
and I always wear black eye liner and it looks fine if you ave got foundation and blusher on

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yes black eyeliner will bring your eyes out beautifuly I have really dark hair and blue eyes and I use eyeliner and mascara and it brings my eyes out. so yes! (:

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Don't use blue eyeliner, or blue eye shadow as it pulls the colour in and detracts from your eyes. You want to enhance the colour of your eyes so use a variety of browns and goldens to bring out your eyes. Brown eye liner and mascara are good too with either bronzer and a pale lip.

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