What gift would u prefere for a girl this christmas?

hi guys i want to get a gift for my girl this xmas n i dont' av much money nw so i don't know if any of you have any better idea on gift i can get for her that she can appreciate.

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It really depends on how well you know the girl. What are her interests? What does she like? Go from there.

If you can't think of anything, for girls a gift basket with lotion and bath stuff is always an option and you can usually get them for 10-20 bucks around Christmas.

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ummmmmmm......u cold get her a teddy bear, choc let, or a really nice & sweet card
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its really up to you

Why is it that females give better gifts to their mates?
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Flowers, chocolate, card, stuffed animal, a CD and if you really want it to be cheap and mean the most write a poem to her on how she makes you feel inside

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