What is a best gift to buy for your future wife's grandmother?

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idk maybe bath soap??

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A nice pair of bedroom slippers
A nice bath/house robe
Some fuzzy socks
A heating pad or massaging pad to put in a chair
A basket of fruit, muffins, cookies, etc...

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You can buy lots of things, like a fovarite book, a gift card to one of her favorite stores, take her out eat to her favorite food restaurant, some contorble shoes, perfume, lotion, soap, house aplience, like good picture for her to hang or a flower vase, cook something for her, tea and stuff like that.

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soap. old people like soap.

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Jewelery or Scented candles.

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Find out what her hobbies are. Does she like to cook? Watch the food network/? Maybe a cook book then. Dioes she sew? Garden? Get her a magazine subscription to her hobby.

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Perfume! Lotion, creams, sprays, candles, etc. Flowers die and she won't be able to remember them. You can also try clothes. Scarves and pins. Slippers. Perhaps a book she has been wanting? A digital camera? Hmm, endless ideas! And you can't go wrong with a gift card. Either to a store she likes, or even a nice restaurant. That's always a safe choice. Just go shopping in a department store & you should find something. =]

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Thanks for answer :)

Whats the best camera brand to buy?
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You too gaved me good ideas :),Thanks

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I was so confused.
Thank you Angelee27 :)

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Good ideas here too,Thanks :)

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Likely but not mostly,Thanks for answer :)

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Thanks :)

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Thanks :)

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No problem. :]

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no problemos

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