What made you believe or disbelieve in ghosts?

I’m only wondering. I do. I wonder if people on here do. want to know how I believe in ghosts. First it started with a real ghost picture my friend took. It was carrying a ghost baby. Yes it was REAL! The ghost looked like blue smokey like with red eyes. Ghosts do look different. Second when my cousin was over the girl in one of my pics. We were afraid. The broom was standing up against the wall, and all of a sudden it floated down. Like the time she told me at her friends house the picture frame fell. Oh it did not just fell like that. It floated for a short sec and dropped down. When we were in the kitchen of my house I heard a spooky man laugh. Like those evil laughs. Boy it was scary. And I saw a light going through a wall. A white light. Like what a ghost sorta is. I knew it was ghost. And My because she well saw it went in the bathroom and went out if the bathroom.

I’m wondering do you believe in ghosts? If you do have you seen one? Do you have a story about it? Can you tell me?

Answer #1

I still dont know whether I beleave in ghosts or not… I’ve seen lots of episodes of Ghost Hunters, and thats pretty freaky. I dont see how they could fake that either.

and another thing, the media trys to cover it up, but lots of people claim ghosts sightings, a suprisingly large amount, as well as ufo sightings… and what do we do? call them crazy and stick them in a nuthouse…

but I also have my own photo evidence! lol my friend works on designing the website for my school, and he pointed out to me: in one of the photos you can cleary see SOMETHING. My other friend said “no thats just a smudge on the lens or something” well I guess it could be that but it looks like it even leaves a shadow… http://jeffcoweb.jeffco.k12.co.us/high/chatfield/clubs/index.html its in the picture for the gay-striaght alliance…(ironic?) tell me what you think…

Answer #2

From personal experience I don’t know if I believe in ghosts : but I do believe in UFO’s. I mean, I’ve had encounters in my life. When I was a kid I used to have nightmares about my toys floaing in the air around me. It still scares the sh1t out of me, I can’t even remember if it was real or not. And I’ve had that ‘’nightmare’’ for over an year. When I was three, I was playing in my room and saw some strange lights on the wall. I tried to catch them (I was three, remember) and they went away. Then they re-appeared. It seemed they were making me play with them : I’d try to catch them and they’d move. I finally jumped on them and they disapeared. I looked outside the window and saw a disc-form object going away from my place at an incredible speed. I’ve heard a lot of stories of black magic too, but I don’t believe it. My friend would never lie to me, but he saw some * up things. Like eyes on the walls looking at him and moving chairs. Brrr Keep a Bible Next to you !

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