Gossip Girl or One Tree Hill?

which show do you like better Gossip Girl or One Tree Hill? I like OTH better, and I don’t miss an episode, and I just watch GG because of Chase Crawford…

Answer #1

GG definetley the books are also very good…not to mention theres some hot I mean HOT guys on that show!:)

Answer #2

GG I read the books and fell in love with them because I think you can relate to them in some way or another

Answer #3

ONE TREE HILL FOR LIFE!!! I LOVE that show!!! I dont like gossip girl as much but the books are pretty good :D Hannah

Answer #4

ONE TREE HILL!!! That’s my FAV show EVER!!! OMG I looveee it soo much and I watch Gossip Girl 24/7 to!!! There both mi fav shows ever!!!

Answer #5

One Tree Hill! Best show ever! lol

Answer #6

You should watch skins… it’s like a mix of the two

Answer #7

I like the show Dexter. Anyone else seen that?

Answer #8

never seen GG, but I love One tree hill!

Answer #9

I love both shows! :)

Answer #10

One Tree Hill Every Time :)

Answer #11

I love both of them mainly because Of Chad Michael Murray and Chace Crawford

Answer #12

I love both

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