Do detox drinks work to help clear your system of THC?

I have been researching on how to get THC out of my system now for a week or two. I found out about a week or so ago, that I have to take a urine test in order to get a job. Your response seemed to be the most real. Others seem to just post on here with what they think. I have been drinking water, and gatorade which is much easier to drink to help cleanse my system. I have not smoked now in 1 week and 2 days…and I believe I have to test sometime next week. Is there anything else that you might have missed previously to tell me. Also, are those detox drinks b.s.? Some say they work, and others don’t. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Answer #1

I bought this drink called optimalkleen and I couldnt beleave I a daily smoker and weigh 250lbs.

Answer #2

YES! BNG Enterprises HERBAL CLEAN® Liquid Carbo -Tropical Flavored Drink from GNC. (also comes in grape) It’s about $ 45.00 but it works within 4-6 hours. It’s even strong enough to work on industrial drug tests performed by 3rd party companies. It tastes horrible though!

Answer #3

im 40 years old ,tried mega clean ,strip,q-carbo .stoped toxin intake they all require.,. failed all of them .I smoke a few a day and take lortab 4-5 a day as friend swore by this drink called optimal kleen.I bought it to keep in my lunch box at work and sure enough they told me to goto the clinic cross town for a drug test.I like to have died just smoked second joint of the day and 3 lortabs.drank the drink right away and a couple bottle waters and passed 1hr.15min.later.icouldnt beleave it.

Answer #4

I have stopped for around 2 days took the strip from gnc drank lots of water and pee a lot before taking test and pasted more than once but today I stopped smoking for around 30 hr and did took strip and drank the water but failed. the strip is suppose to be guaranteed so well c. I think the stuff works if you stop few days be 4 in suppose to retest in 2 weeks well c.

Answer #5

Go to your GNC store and ask for a cleanser behind the counter its a tiangle bo and cost 100.00 But it works!!! Take one hour before.

Answer #6

I’m sure your local head shop offers 420 cleaner detox drink- and yes, it works. There are also other methods, if you’re fearless and know someone with clean urine.

Answer #7

I have to take a drug test on thurs for a pre employment screen It is tues the last day I smoked was sunday night. I bought the stinger quick flush pills. does this work for heavy smokers or just occasional smokers? I need this job and wasnt expecting to get a interview this quickly! Any advise?

Answer #8

I use Stinger Detox. I used to have to call in every night for probation and I had a color. Whenever my color came up, I would have to go in the next day for a piss test. I always got Stinger Detox and I never once failed a piss test or had a dilute. They work excellent. You can get them from their website at or just type in stinger detox on eBay and you can get them for $15-20 a bottle when they normally cost $30-40. I promise you they work great when you follow the exact directions.

Answer #9

ok. i might not be of any major help but heres my story. i was in the same boat as you with the takin of a pre employment drug screen. and the last time i smoked was 5 days before my test.i went to the natural foods store to check out what products they had and also to get some more info on what would be best. i purchased two products. detox pills and a cleansing drink. i took the cleansing drink two hours prior to my appiontment along with all 8 of the pills. then came the hard part of downing a gallon of water in an hour and a half.i couldnt tell you how many times i took a smash and pissed but, your supposed to pee at least three times before you take your test. i took the test and got the job the following week so i guess you could say that stuff does work. it did for me, i hope i was some help to your quandry of detoxing your system. best of luck

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