getting married!!

I’ve been with my partner for 9 years and engaged for 5 and hes never really been all that bothered about getting married and niether have I, but now he has asked me to set a date which has really scared me! I love him and want to be married but the whole thing of being married scares me! im 24! hes really excited and im not!! I just think that as soon as we are married it will all go down hill! if I tell him I dont want to get married he will want us to end as he probably think I dont love him but I do just marrage scares me!

any advice?

Answer #1

I find there are two types of people when it comes to marriage the first type gets all excited because to them it is the beginning of an amazing journey with some one. you will never be alone again because you have your soul mate, some one that has promised to be there through everything to share in the good and bad with you. the second type freaks out because to them it is the end of their fun, their independance. they feel like their going to be tied down and that marriage automaticly means thats the end of romance and the start of fighting like an old couple. You have to decide for your self how your going to see it. you have been with him for 9 years unless you plan on leaving him then why not? I think you need to talk to him about your fears of marriage, tell him that you are afraid that it will go down hill because your right some times people freak out about the idea that their tied down to one person for the rest of your lives. so just talk about the negative and positives of marrage together with out telling him no and then think about it.

Answer #2

its your choice. you have to ask yourself am I ready for this. the key to a good relationship is .love .care .comunication and always remember

its your choice

Answer #3

sometimes things dont work out, that is life. after 9 years of dating by brothers girlfriend broke up with him. my other brother was with a woman for 10 years and got married. a year later she cheated. he got married again in less than a year and that didnt work out either. but then you have my parents who have been together 47 years, my oldest brother has been married for 12 years, my sister has been married 18 years, and me a measly two. getting married is nothing more than a piece of paper that binds your love legally in the eyes of the state. it is normal to feel nervous and normal to worry. but if you love him with all your heart go for it. if you have doubts then he may not be the one for you.

love is confusing and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesnt. its best to just follow your heart. yes marriage has its ups and downs but if your love is strong enough you can survive the hard times and make great memories.

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