Gettin my puppy spayed

She is 4 months old, is it best for her to have one season or to get her spayed before? What age is best? And what are the reasons?

Answer #1

best to get her spayed before any heat cycles, we spay at 6 months were I work

Answer #2

Get her spayed before she goes into heat, and save yourself and HER the troubleā€¦I get all my dogs, male and female fixed at 6 months on the dot. The chances of them getting breast cancer later on go up with every heat period before spaying.


Answer #3

What a good owner you are!
Spay her before she goes into heat, 6 months as stated above. I repeat, your dog is lucky to have you as an owner. Dogs that are spayed/neutered live longer and are happier and healthier. :)

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