How do get a girl to like you?

how do you get a girl to like you?

Answer #1

2 make me like a guy…start off flirting some 2 get her attention…then get 2 know her better…2 me its important if a guy understands, listens, shares his feelings, and REMEMBERS stuff…even some little things is so adorable! good luck!

Answer #2

make her laugh and dont be too forward all the time. girls like a little chase. i HATE when a guy likes me, and makes himself too available.

Answer #3

You can’t make a girl like you, unless you act in ways that are not your own. Be yourself, and there will be a girl who will like you at some point or another. You can’t MAKE people have feelings, they just happen. If there is a certain girl that you like, who doesn’t show any interest in return… move on.

Answer #4

if you’re hot, it wont be a problem. lmaoo ! but first, get to know her. then, flirt with her, like:

  • calling her pretty/beautiful, NOT hot
  • hugging/kissing on the cheek
  • hinting that you like her
  • being alone with her for a bit

she’ll pretty much get the idea, and will either confront you about it (if she doesn’t feel the same way, or if she does)

either way, you’ll find out if your wasting your time or not.

good luck :D!

Answer #5

well im a gilr and i know what im looking for is someone who will listen, understand, and want to have fun with me. So find out what this girls likes to do and take her to do that. Or plan something super sweet and romantic for you to do together. show her that you will love her and care for her no matter what and eventually she will like you too. if not then she isn’t worth your time! goodnluck with that!

Answer #6

You have to be… likeable…

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