Get rid of breakouts

What are ways to get rid of breakout in one week so you have clear skin?

Answer #1

Yeah the “Refining Mask” that Emmalism3568 is talking about, helps a lot!

Answer #2

Duck tap removes stuff like that but kind of looks weird when you have it on your face

Answer #3

Honey with a plaster over. The NEW breakthrough.

Answer #4

let the dermatologists near you do the job.. Ü

Answer #5

The main kit for ProActive never worked for me, but the first shipment you receive usually contains something called the Refining mask. It’s basically a zit-zapper, miracle, or Spa Treatment. Whatever you want to call it! Every time I use the medicine, my breakouts have disappeared by the next day. It’s magic, I don’t know how it works. Everyone’s different though, so it might not work for you. It can be pricey though. I paid $15 and it’s a small bottle. You’re not supposed to use it every day - just every 2-3 days.

Answer #6

put toothpaste on the area disired before bed and when you wake up wash it off and it will be 10x better(:

Answer #7

Well I don’t know about a completley clear face in one week, but recentley I tried Proactive (because my Mom bought it for me) and it has helped a lot! I would reccomend it, just be persistent when using it.

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