Is the gentle use of aspirin (once a week) along with honey good for your skin?

Answer #1

Well, i don’t really see how you could benefit from that. I think the best things that you can do for your skin to keep it healthy is to get adequate amounts of sleep, to exercise on a regular basis and to eat healthily. Also, to refrain from using make up as this can block up your pores. Personally, i wouldn’t result to taking ANY kinds of tablets to get healthy skin- you don’t need to do that, no matter if you’re only using them once in a while. You just need to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Answer #2

I wouldn’t use the Aspirin…I don’t know about the honey. Instead I would eat as much veggies as you can without puking because they are gross in my opinion (and your fruits) and wash your face twice day. Plus - chocolate has NOTHING to do with bad skin so you can still indulge! ;)

                                                Best Wishes - Kat
Answer #3

A baby aspirin pill a day has been proven to be beneficial for many things -preventing cancer, heart attacks- but I am not sure about any benefits for skin. Honey is good for many things as well, but I’m not sure if eating it would do anything for your skin. You could make a mask, using honey, milk, and whatever else people use in homemade masks, and that would be good for your skin. Honey is good for moisturizing, I’ve used it on my lips with good results before (if you can avoid licking it off lol). :)

Answer #4

I used to use asprin and honey for a facial mask and it worked perfectly fine for me :)

Answer #5

I am sorry …. This is my fault I did not clarify; I would use powdered aspirin with honey and put on as a facial, wait 15 minutes and then rinse. Aspirin has Salicylic Acid in it and the honey provides a nice sticky texture. Now that I have clarified please inform me of your opinions. Thanks!

Answer #6

idk maybe they’re wrong but i’ve read somewhere that you’re supposed to crush the aspirin up and mix it in with what ever solution you have mixed and apply it, not actually taking it? im not sure but i just thought i should throw that out there

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