How often should i get my gel nails filled in?

I got them done two weeks ago and they look gross. Even though I took good care if them. I am used to acrylic nails but thought I would give gel a chance. Should I remove them and get acrylic put on or should I try gel again? Which do you prefer?

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I prefer acrylic because the last longer (but then I don't really get my nails done except for special events).

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Depending on how quickly your nails grow, usually you should wait at least 2-3 weeks before getting them filled in again. I'm not sure in which sense you mean they're gross (dirty or badly done?), but when it comes to things like this, it's really personal preference. If you prefer acrylic, you should stick to them.

I personally like gel nails, but I also only have them done on special occasions. xD

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I always get my nails done an i always get the gel. I feel the gel personally lasts longer then the acrylic in general, acrylic sometimes breaks, chips or falls off with in 2 or 3 weeks of wear. The gel gives it extra strength an it also makes your nail polish more durable. rather then it chipping in a couple days from normal wear an tear. But just keep in mind that if your getting your nails done often, try to remember that taking them off an giving your real nails time to breath and be free is good. Otherwise you could get a fungus from all the chemicals. =]

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I have to agree here...if you are not using gloves while washing dishes & such it will loosen the set acrylic or gels alike!
From one that used to teach it professionally....I dislike acrylics...accept for the dip i rather go with gels...but you have to take into consideration that it is much more fragile & try not to get your hands bumped into anything...avoid using your nails as tools(we all forget sometimes & use nails to scratch surfaces & pull things using our nails...they are brittle...remember that!

One more thing, since you have rapid growth with is awesome for you on the one hand but not so much on the need to get them done maybe even every other week. For most its like about 2 weeks to 3 weeks in btwn fills but with rapid nail growth will cause the fills to be more frequent...esp if the prep isnt done properly & you have to your nail tech about lifting & perhaps she can try a better prep or use affix...(she'll know what that is)also maybe try another coat of sealer!

good luck!
Hope this helped!

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agreed! like every 6 months is a good time...i just removed mine 2 about a month ago for breathing room...

I tried a combo of tips, then a silk wrap overlay wanted a little strength so I did one dip coat saw that after 2 weeks it was what i did was experimented by topping it off with a gel overlay only by the time i was done i was too tired to add the sealer...:P i noticed lifting the next day and didnt do anything about i said i ll take care of it the following day but saw that more water & soap got trapped under causing a dont confuse yourself...greenies arent a fungus...if they go untreated then they can turn into a fungus...
that is we techs say stay away from water...when doing nails water is you worst enemy! Use gloves when doing the dishes or house chores...especially around all sorts of chemicals!
The sec you notice any lifting from the cuticle area or around it...make sure you head out to your tech for a repair to prevent greenies or else suffer consequences which might turn into a fungus! Today its so easy to deal with fungus's any cvs, walgreens or walmarts have a nail section you will see special formulas to remove yellowing stains due to dark nail polish, special anti fungus remedies next to the other product & also all sorts of tea tree oil...also very good(especially for toe fungus)

Hope this info helped as well!

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Usually about every 2 weeks.. but if they look like crap before that, it wouldn't hurt to get a fill. Gel ones? I haven't had my nails done for 2 years.. my natural nails are fine for me, and I can't type or use my phone with acrylic, so it gets a little annoying. lol. But I always needed a fill after a couple of weeks, depending on where I got them done and how well they did on them. :)

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get them filled when the top starts to crust off or whatver

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