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Gears of war... I need 2 know the game by monday!

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So, there's this guy I like... yes im having guy troubles. First of all he's goth, I think he's cute (even though no one else thinkso, so more luck 4 me) and it just so happens that he wore a gears of war shirt and he likes the game. First of all to get this straight, me and him never talked before, we're in a different grade (he's older).

One day my best friend went up to him, saw his gears of war shirt, said "omg, I luv gears of war", turned around and said to me, "he's my new best friend, he luvs gears of war like me", he smiled at her and they talked for a breif few seconds and I got pissed. My friend said dont worry about because she has a boyfriend that she is practically married (wich I know is true) but now he smiles at her in the hallway sumtimes and its makin me jelous. she knos this, but she also doesn't like him. So long story short... I need to know gears of war by monday... (any geeks, nerds, or any types of gamers willing 2 explain it 2 me?!?)