Is anyone here gay?

hey if any of you are gay or do you know you arent straight? I need alittle help! and No offence because Im not being mean at all> ADVICE PLEASE!!!

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If you make sex with persons preferably and on a regular basis who is from your own sex, then you can say that you are gay or lesbian. Till you are just asking, or being curious, you cannot say that yet.

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How do you know you are straight? (It is the same exact answer...)

Because you simply aren't attracted to people of the opposite sex...
It really isn't all that simple, but basically the same way you know you want to date guys, I know I dont...

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well im straight so I hope it is ok if I answer. well you are just attracted to other people of the same sex. you could like not find urself happy with any person with the opposite sex. you can also tell if you experiment with it and see if you like it. hope I helped ~kaitlyn~

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well seeing your about 16
its natural to go through confusion
a lot of people do
all ages but more in the teen years
especially now since there are a lot more teens claiming to be gay even when there not because to me I see a trend going on with this
dont think you are just because other people think they are
if you feel attracted mentally and physically to the same sex
maybe you should try kissing someone of the same sex and see if it weirds you out

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I don't know Im bi, but I have always had an atraction to men and women.

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jst get ova it you ar what you ar. and in time you will knw what you ar

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well im bisexual so I knew that I wasnt only straight when I just starting payin attention to my freinds.You find out by just feeling shy around girls as much as around boyz.

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i am

im bisexual but I think I might be completely gay

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