What do you think about gay rights?

What do you think about gay rights?

Answer #1

Gay people dont have many rights at all , and they always get discriminated against even at my school. Its unfortunatly ILLEGAL here in Australia for a man to marry a man and a woman to marry a woman, because they wont reproduce were as a man and woman would (though not all do)…Its the 2000’s , its the time for change and yet still since the law passed 10 years ago our goverment wont make it legal for gays,lesbians and bisexual the right to marry, were excluded from society…Even at my school with the formal and debutant ball’s we arnt allowed to go with anyone of the same se. Gay,lesbians and bisexuals are not acknowleged, its time that changed!

Answer #2

I think its totally wicked. you r a person and they cant take your rights away from u. and I think that if I man and woman can get married why not a man and man or a woman and moman. stick it to the man.

Answer #3

gays should have just as much rights as the next person there still people and there sexual orientation shouldn’t determain how they are treated

in new zealand they preety much allow gay marriages, not quite becuse its not through the church because they don’t believe

Answer #4

I think gays should get treated like everyone else. I think gay’s should be able to get married anywhere. I know gay’s will always be treated different by some people but I don’t think it’s right.

Answer #5

Dear wetbandit, Most women my age can remember back when women had no rights. We were not allowed to vote, work etc. (I’m not quite that old ) We were considered second to men, the weaker sex. Women as gays did not have a choice as to how they were born. There isn’t a choice. So women have struggled to gain their rightful place in this world and now so do gays. Of course we can also say this about many religions and races though out history. So what do I think about their rights…as a society we all need to fight for their rights. We all need to acknowledge that everyone needs to be treated with respect and equality. Take a look in the mirror…one day they may decide to discriminate against (put your eye colour here) and you will be the one fighting for your rights. Sue…good luck

Answer #6

well I’m for all human rights and that includes people of all ethnicities, religion, age, gender. Being gay or heterosexual doesn’t make you less human but it does make you vulnerable to rights abuse. Just think of all the people that get abused, excluded, hurt and even killed just because they were gay or people thought they were gay. We need to see gay people for what they are: people.

Answer #7

stopandsmelltheroses - who said what people were designed for?

Answer #8

gays arent harming others…they should be given full rights and there should be a broader and more inclusive anti hate crime laws

Answer #9

I think it is unfair that the law sort of discriminates gay people. They are not doing anything bad. it is sort of like having different beliefs. Christians belive in god. gay boys like other gay boys. same thing

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