How much does Guitar Hero 3 cost?

how much does gatar hero 3 cost?

Answer #1

I saw the game-guitar controller pack at walmart for the ps2, it’s about $80. I bought mine (game and controller) for the PS3 from gamestop at $100 (and it was the same at walmart). The xbox360 I saw a whole bundle pack selling for $100. For the Wii (game and controller), it was $92.

Answer #2

Currently $79.92 on the Walmart website for the PS2. Not sure which console you were talking about PS2, Xbox360, Wii, or PS3.

Answer #3

like $80.00

Answer #4

ps3 is around 99 dollars at best buy

Answer #5

Probably $90.00 with the guitar. The game itself is only $39.99.

Answer #7

all depends were ya from chick in uk its going for a bout £80 quid on xbox360 and playstation 2 I’ve luk around but I saw it for ps3 yet

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