Gash around eye ( help please)

well peoples about 3 hour ago. my sister and her ex got into. well he threw a metal chair which I was in the way and it Put a Gash above my right eye. paramedic said I didnt need stitches and I should be fine. but I don’t know cause it still open. it look like it trying to heal but I can see inside it. I been keeping a wet rag on it. it still bleeding a little. it not really hurting a lot. matter of fact when it first happen it didnt hurt a lot. it not a big gash. a small one but still this the first time I seen a lot of blood come out of my head. so still freaking out a bit. is it safe to sleep. cause I would hate to go to sleep and dont wake up. ?? should I just not worry about it. help please

Answer #1

I think if its opened and still bleeding if I was you I would go to the hospital so check it out with the doctor.

Answer #2

First of all, I hope that @sshole got in some kind of trouble. If the paramedic said you’d be fine, then it must be okay. Just be careful sleeping on it, try sleeping on your side or on your back.. (so the wound doesn’t keep re-opening) Just keep it clean and dry (wet rag isn’t really necessary all the time) If it doesn’t stop bleeding after a while, I would go to the hospital. Hope you feel better. :)

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