Is Gandalf better or is Dumbledore?

Answer #1

I have to go with Gandolf. Mainly because The Lord of the Rings kicks Harry Potters ass when it comes to movies. I would take Gandolf way more seriously than dumbledor….even his name sounds stupid.

Answer #2

GANDALF! Harry Potter was a good set of books, but it was definitely no lord of the Rings. Gandalf faced far more danger, saved way more people, had way more wisdom and was just way more awesome!

Answer #3

dear, you can’t even spell “Gandalf” nor “Dumbledore”. :/

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Answer #5


Answer #6

Dumblydore he’s soooo cool. And he’s gay. And one of his middle names is Brian!

Answer #7

dude don’t slag off mandyloo, everyone makes a spelling mistake from time-to-time.

Answer #8

Gandalf, of course…I don’t see Dumbledore returning from the dead.

Answer #9

Teehee, Dumbledore’s death was planned and necessary thou!

Answer #10

Lol, yay

Answer #11

Both book series are much better than movie series, but yes Lotr is better movie series

Answer #12

i have to say i like gandalf more then dumbledore but i wish they one what harry potter done an like when saruon gets destroyed he comes back like vildermort but coming out of the convo i like legolas the best proberly coz i like archery when i went this place couple of yeas ago archery s fun =)

Answer #13

Gandalf; hes just cooler

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