What games/apps do you have on your phone that you *actually* use?

Mine. Apps - Gps, MobiTV, Shaazam. Games - Tetris and Scrabble.

Answer #1

the truth? none. its the reason i stick to nokia classics due to teh fact they have neally nothing with them. i just use my phone for text and calls :)

Answer #2

lol, agreed…games are best left on the computer…:)

Answer #3

i just have the apps already on my phone…i dont use them though like matty said i only use my phone to text/call and take photos :)

Answer #4

Angry Birds, Plants versus Zombies are my mainstays.

Answer #5

Games on your phone are pretty awesome. If you’re stuck waiting somewhere, or travelling (and not driving), it a great distraction if you’re tired of reading, or can’t read where you are.

I even read books on my phone through Kindle or iBooks. I can post something on my blog, lookup my bank balance, figure out where I am, watch part of a movie, read my news feed, check my email.

I can’t go back to a plain phone anymore, and I’m the old guy here.

Answer #6

Angry birds and pandora.

Answer #7

Omg I love this game called Papaya Farm. At first everyone was so addicted and I was like um okay this is stupid.. well yeah right I ended up being addicted to the game too. I also have this app called FxCamera and it makes cool effects to photos ..

Answer #8

i use my phone to text and call. i dont play games at all either on cell or computer :s the only app i use on the phone is my ebook reader and opera mini.

Answer #9

Angry Birds, Spore, eBuddy, the ones that come with my phone, iMSN, Doodle Jump, Glow Jump, Dawson TV…many more that i forget, lol.

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