Who likes video games?

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I've heard of postal. it sounds fully sick bro. an I wanted to get manhunt but because I live in australia they dont sell it (cause manhunt is are rated an australia doesnt have a are rating so it got baned)which sux.

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sweet I love that game to

Do you like marvel

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I love Manhunt 2!! It is an awesome game. I mean it is gruesome and strategic but quite addicting. I know it is banned in some countries which is understandable, but that's why they create video games like GTA, Manhunt and all that. So you can conduct activites that you wouldn't in reality.

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Yea I like video games, what games do you play?

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I like video games!

Running Taunts in TF2?
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love em or leave um (love em)

Twilight or Titanic??

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same as above

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yeah same as above. guitar hero and grand theft auto are so badass!

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I like grand theft auto
and guitar hero

can you tell me
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Who doesn't like video games I would say I am a gamer.

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Any of The Battlefield games or war games gta

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yeah for real ever played postal dude now that game puts manhunt to shame

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