Gameboy Please help=/

OK well I havn’t played my gameboy advance for 3 years!!! And like 2 years ago my dad was valcuming the house and accidently vaccumed the gameboy charger. I didn’t care as much but now that I want to play my gameboy I don’t have a charger! Everytime I try to turn it on it just shuts down [Its like really dead] So I was wondering is there any other way I can charge my gameboy because I can’t get another charger.

Answer #1

at the time you could have got it out of the vacume cleaner bag when he took it out and still had it you can as stephanie says ask if anyone you knoe has a gameboy advance, as theyd have a charger but ebay is a good option, you can buy one for very cheap there

Answer #2

Awww man. Ok I’ll take your advice thanks:)

Answer #3

Nope - the only way is with a charger. Which really sucks but that’s just how it is. Maybe try asking around and see if you know anyone who has one that you can borrow, or save up to buy a charger.

Answer #4

Buy one on Ebay I got one for like 2bucks

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