Which game for xbox 360 do u think i should save up for?

Cod Black ops, or Rock Band 3?

Answer #1

i like Rock band 3… but COD is ahmazing.. you cn play with friends on both but your friends would have to have rockband 3 and more people have COD than rockband so id go with COD

Answer #2

Defently COD , if your saveing then save for the new One , Out in November ^-^ Black Ops <3 COD is just plain epic, It also depends what games your into ^-^

Answer #3

mafia 2, get the demo you’ll see why

Answer #4

wait for the new cod (Y)


Answer #5

Fallout 3

Answer #6

oh you’re choosing between 2 my mistake Black Ops

Answer #7

haha , nice one ;P lol thanks

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