What game should I get for my ds or my wii?

Im pissed because yesterday I had my own money and I wanted to buy a game at gamestop because I have a ds and wii but instead I went to arepostale and got this sick sweatshirt and knee length jeans and a couple tank tops. Now I need a game! Hhhaaha next time I get paid what game should I get for my ds or my wii?

Answer #1

You should try the game Princess Debut for the DS! :) it sounds really little-girlish but it’s really cute. In a nutshell you’re a princess and have to get one of the princes to fall for you by dancing with them. If not that I would also suggest Animal Crossing. (But that’s just my playing style)

Answer #2

If you dont have madworld for the wii then I would say get that, I’ve heard its really fun

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