How do you use the future tense in French?

We’re doing it and it makes NO sense :L

Answer #1


There are two types of future tenses.

  1. The first is often mostly used in conversation and when you are definitely going to do something in the new future.

It is formed by using aller + infinitive. Now remember the aller verbs: je vais tu vas il/elle/on va nous allons vous allez ils vont

For example: Je vais regarder la télé. I am going to watch the television.

  1. The second future tense is often used when you’re talking about a time in a future when an action will be finished or completed.

This is formed by adding the following endings to the infinive. Je INF + ai tu INF + as il/elle INF + a nous INF + ons vous INF + ez ils/eles INF + ont

For example: Nous finirons nos devoirs. We will finish our homework.

HOWEVER: As always there are some irregulars where you must used different stems instead of the infinitive. Some of the most important ones are: aller -> ir avoir -> aur etre -> ser faire -> fer savoir -> saur falloir -> faudr devoir -> devr voir -> verr

For example: Nous aurons fini avant Noel. We will have it finished before Christmas.

Bonne chance! I hope you understand it and I made sense!

Answer #2

J’irai au magasin demain I will go to the store tomorrow.

Ils mangeront dans l’avion They will eat on the plane. The French future tense can also be used in si clauses, to express what will happen if a condition is met:

Si j’ai le temps, je le ferai If I have time, I will do it.

Je le ferai si j’ai le temps I will do it if I have time.

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