Is Futurama coming back to TV?

Has anyone heard about Futurama possibly coming back to TV? Besides the movies coming out on DVD pretty soon (Tuesday!). I heard that maybe Comedy Central is going to have new episodes like next year? Just wondering if anyone knows, or has heard about this.

Answer #1

Haven’t heard that, and I hope its not true - otherwise its one more thing I need to try and avoid. Futurama used to be my favourite show, until they did one episode which went a little too far. If they hadn’tve shown that last minute of that episode, all would have been well. But no…

Answer #2

No! I’ll get over whatever I want to, and if I want to keep a grudge, I’ll keep it!!! No TV program should ever make me cry. Period. Especially like that!

Answer #3

Hmm…that’s sad. I thought I heard some rumors. Oh well. And are you referring to the end of the dog episode? Where he sits for years and stuff? If that’s it, I cried at that. And the one about Fry’s brother, especially the end.

Answer #4

Alas, they aren’t making any new episodes in the series. They are doing a couple of straight to DVD movies (I’ve pre-ordered “Bender’s Big Score” already!) which can be broken up into episodes. Like what they did with the Family Guy movie.

Hugs Danbob You really need to get over the whole Seymour thing, babe!

Answer #5

Sorry man I’ve never heard of a comeback like that but you can catch the reruns on the cartoon network like every day of the week. I watch em religiously. I hope the movie will be awesome too.

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