Funny but is it true?

When people pick their nose do their nostrills stretch??? (sometimes I do it when im in my room because my nose is pierced and boogers get stuck around it) and I have a small

Answer #1


Thank you very much. Best laugh all week.

Um, I don’t think so. Don’t know if anyone has really studied it.

Thanks again!

Answer #2

It is true that our noses and ears grow all during our lives. But, unless you keep something bigger than your nostril in there all the time, it will not stretch. When you get older though, your skin on your nose may start sagging like the rest of your skin when you start losing the elasticity in the skin. Nature can be so mean. Ha Ha PS~ Actually our whole face changes as we grow older. The facial bones actually move gradually changing our looks. That’s why even though you get a face-lift, you still never look real young as you once did. The jaw bones even shift with the mouth gradually sinking inward, especially if you don’t have you real teeth. You will see people with dentures that their mouths tend to go inward. Ages sucks…Ha Ha…but we all go through it. Where’s that “Fountain of Youth” that they talk about? HeeHee

Answer #3

Hehe, yeahh!! Totally true. {{my nose ring get boogers and crap on it too, :] }}

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