What is your favorite Kenny vs. Spenny episode?

What is your favorite Kenny vs. Spenny episode?

Mine; Blindfolded competition

If you have never seen this show before. You are honestly missing out on thee funniest show in the world! xD

Answer #1

arg you canadians are lucky, we JUST got the show here in america. but out of the like 5 episodes that have been aired here, I think my favorite was the bonor competition, or who can drink the most beer.

Answer #2

Hahah I havn’t seen the boner competition yet =/ I know it’s on the fourth season. I have 1 2 and 3. Am definetly getting Season 4 the day it comes out though!

And yeah Greysen(Winter), we should watch it tonight ;D

Answer #3

That’s a hard question man.

I’m going to have to go with either “Who can stay homeless the longest”, “who can wear a dead octopus on their head the longest” or “Who can make the best porno” LOL! that one was too funny.

The blindfold one was effing hilarious too though haha. And don’t forget the who can do the best play or whatever one :P where kenny gets that professional mime to do it for him:P! HAHA WE SHOULD WATCH K vs. S tonight!

Answer #4

boner competition, that junk was TOO funny. BLAH!

Answer #5

I like the biggest fart one

Answer #6

i think its just hilarious when spenny is locked away in the “better boxer” - episode^^

for more episodes to watch i can recommend:

[link removed]

greets ;)

Answer #7

youprank (dot) de (dot) tl

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