Can someone help me with this FunAdvice?

I dont get it? How does this whole thing work? Call me stupided but, I dont even remember how i got this…

Answer #1

Stupided?! lmao Funadvice is for answering/ asking questions, making How to’s/tips, uploading pictures, making friends & just have a good time :) The pages are labeled above & can guide you to where you need to go. visit the ToU to learn about whats tolerated & whats not :) i can help with any specifics :D

Answer #2

this is more or less like twitter or facebook. Only here people are helping each other with sharing advices, ideas, exchanging experiences. You may ask questions and people will try to help you. You can also help other. Or you can just updates status. Try to follow some people here and you can make lots of friends. about the points, you can increase your points by giving good creative advices. if people like your words, you will get the points. and they will get the points if you like theirs. :) welcome to FA

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Thank You….

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Thank You…

Answer #6

any time at all…

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