When funadvice users refer to themselves as "we", what does that mean exactly?

we the people? we the funadvice users? the royal we? we as in yourself in the third person?

Answer #1

It really depends on the situation. We could mean we as in someone there in a relationship with it could mean many things just depends on the situation.

Answer #2

The person writing it and his/her team (:

Answer #3

Probably “we” as in the whole FunAdvice community.

Answer #4

I guess i can see that… its mainly when responding to questions.. why one person can refer to themselves as a “we”.. just never noticed that before on any other advice site or forum for that matter..

Answer #5

I use “we” often to speak for the community as a whole or the administration of FunAdvice.

Answer #6

does that not take away from speaking for yourself?

Answer #7

As a representative of this site, I speak for the administration…there is no “me” when it comes to the functions of this site.

Answer #8

this was in reference to answering questions… not admin functions. but thank you for your response.

Answer #9

Yes, I’m aware as to what you were asking, and my response is in reference to answering questions. You may notice that most of the time, when you see a person answer with “we”, they are an admin or advisor for this site.

Answer #10

It depends, for example “ who here bites their nails?” “ I do, we tend to be more responsive to things.” We meaning the ones who bite their nails.

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