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Quiz: Which Funadvice member's mother has a Canon 600d camera and her names ends in a "A"?

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Another FunAdvice quuiz, some easier then others :)

1)Which Funadvice Member has a picture that has more then 888 views? 2)Which Funadvice Member has a pictue titled hiccup? 3)Which Funadvice Member is an idiot (clue- The answer is Drew) 4)Which Funadvice Member who hasnt been on in a month has 5)the surname montana and a sitser names Katie 6)Which Funadvice Member has a tattoo of ganesh on their back? 7)Which Funadvice Member has a photo in their album tititled, the 8)outside is colourless without you 9)Which Funadvice Member works in a gym? 10)Which 17 year old membor has a justin bieber poster on thir wall and also enjoys the son tiny dancer by elton john? 11)Which Funadvice Member has a how-to on how to dress lolita? 12)Which Funadvice Member has a dog by the name of charles? 13)Which Funadvice Member has interests which include south park, david bowie, skrillex and the united kingdom? 14)Which Funadvice Members boyfriend is in UFC, they have been datin for 11 months? 15)Which Funadvice Member boyfriend made them brekfast in bed but passed out shortly after? 16)Which Funadvice Member has two cats one named jim, the other harry 17)Which Funadvice Member has had a mohawk and monroe piercing? 18)Which 59 year old member has a wife names Laura? 19)Which Funadvice Member gave there boyfriends a bunny that sings? 20)Which Funadvice Member has had more then 15 piercings?