Why does FunAdvice kick me out every few minutes and not let me log back in?

Answer #1

-maybee bcuz ur being hacked!!

Answer #2

i’ll write the dude.

Answer #3

HuH?,what do you mean?,

Answer #4

It did that to me earlier. Have you tried refreshing? It stopped after I refreshed.

Answer #5

can’t. don’t have internet explorer, :(

Answer #6

Usually, this is a caching issue…if you clear your cache, the problems should disappear.

Answer #7

would i have one with AOL?

Answer #8

That’s a really good question….I have never used AOL. so I did some searching - this might be useful for you (scroll down below the download button) http://funadvice.com/r/bfokm1ru1k4

Answer #9

thanks colleen.

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