Did FunAdvice just change their layout?

I just logged on after a few mins and realized that things changed…Is this permanent? It will take some getting used to

Answer #1

Yes :) they’ve also added a “Links” tab at the top.

Answer #2

Thanks I thought I was going mad for a sec there..lol

Answer #3

haha so did i! i thought i logged myself out!

Answer #4

lol.. me too. then i actually tried logging out and on again..lol

Answer #5

No. Ur not wearing your glasses. Lol

Answer #6

haha!! Yes I am wearing my glasses. I even took them off ans cleaned them after I noticed the change…lol

Answer #7

The font changed too! And now there’s ads on the sidebar.

Answer #8

Yup, It’s A Totally New FA… But I Still Prefer The Older Version… There Was The Group “Groups” Are Gone Now D: Called Fun Adicts And Umg So Many Memories ^-^ But I Guess I Could Get Used To This… But I Know How You Feel… When I First Saw The Updates I Was Like o.o What Site Am I On?

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