What are some fun ways to celebrate Easter with my month old baby?

Answer #1

Take him/her on a easter egg hunt, find someone to dress up like the Easter bunny, take him/her down to a beach/park for awhile, have a picnik, Go for a walk around, take him/her to the zoo and see the bunnies :)

Answer #2

This is a good idea: ) am making my bf dress up as a bunny lol

Answer #3

Sounds good :)

Answer #4

Find a photographer who does “bunny portraits”. They usually bring in a bunch of friendly, cuddly baby bunnies and pose the kids with them…your baby is only a month old, but it might make a cute 1st Easter pic, if he/she is surrounded by a bunch of fluffy bunnies.

Answer #5

I meant 7month old haha

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