What are some fun, cheap places to go to in down town Chicago around this time of the year?

me and my girl friends want to go downtown for a day and we want to some kind of show or somthing. any ideas? not too expensive? what are the theaters called in chicago?

Answer #1

Check out mueseums you like and see if they have any “Free Days” Also check out this website for more ideas: [link removed]

Hope it helps!

Answer #2

Millennium Park - 201 E Randolph St (welcome center) Chicago, IL 60602 Tel: 312-742-1168 . Three square blocks of open lakefront complete with a Ferris Wheel, outdoor music pavillion and ice skating rink; expected to become one of the city’s most popular sites. Parks, Theaters, Wharfs/ Piers/ Boardwalks, Amusement/ Theme Parks, Symphonies Ice skating, Group tours/walking tour

Check out some other ideas here if that doesn’t appeal to you ….. . http://funadvice.com/r/bh447nf2eal


– Best wishes - Majikthise. .

Answer #3

Ummm…Shedd Aquarium? Very awesome. There’s also a museum close by there :)

Answer #4

If it’s open, take the ferry tour through the Loop on the Chicago River!

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