how does fun advice get money to pay us?

Answer #1

wait. we get money? Diana has never known this?!?!?!

Answer #2

yeah after like 100 points it think?

Answer #3

Through advertising. You can’t see them while you are logged in, but if you log out and look around at the site, you’ll notice several ads placed everywhere - that’s where the funding comes from.

Answer #4

is it the same for myspace and facebook and twitter?

Answer #5

We don’t deal with them…you’d have to ask them

Answer #6

Yep after 100 pts cuz u have to always have that much in ur account, u can have it set to paypal or get a check mailed to u from wat I understand. Correct me if I’m wrong Colleen thx

Answer #7

Cheques are available only to those living in the US, otherwise, PayPal is the only payment option…however, you should have at least $25 worth of available points added up before trying to cash out.

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