Who else thinks that FunAdvice should have IM?

dont you all think that fun advice should have an im system…it would be amazing

Answer #1

lt would be SO SWEET and much faster!!

Answer #2

Posting fun mail is instantaneous…and IM would only get your conversation going a little faster.

Eventually, yes, we are definitely planning on having an IM like feature built into the site. However, it’ll take us a while as if it was popular, then server resources would have to be acquired, etc.

Answer #3

That’s will be nice to have the IM on. I like chat using IM.

Answer #4

it would be awesome!!! I dont like giving out my msn.

Answer #5

OMG that would rule! meebo is really dumb…

Answer #6

that wud be awsome cus I use IM all the time to chat anyways!!

Answer #7

That would be a nightmare all in itself.

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