My shit zu is about 6 years old. She has always had a sensitive stomach, so she was on Science Diet ID since she was a puppy. She was bitting and chewing her feet and legs and had eye discharge. I changed her to Innova (a natural dog food). I couldn’t believe how her eyes cleared up and she stopped chewing and biting herself, however, two weeks after I switched her to Innova, she developed diarrhea with some blood and mucous. The vet gave her an antibiotic and it cleared up. It reoccurred about every 5 weeks. Finally, after the third time, I decided it must be the food. I eventually got her to eat Wellness for dogs. She doesn’t have diarrhea yet, but she is really biting and licking inside her front legs close to her body. It’s really bad. Help! Anybody have any suggestions. She’s a mess!

Answer #1

Wellness is a good food, but there must be one ingredient in it that is kicking up the allergies…do you know what she’s allergic to?? So many times, you think it’s the food, when they actually are sensitive to something that might come with the seasons, or contact allergy. Obviously, the mucous and diarreah were caused by the Innova…Maybe try Taste of the Wild…it’s grain free, and natural…comes in meats that a dog usually doesn’t have reactions to…like fish, buffalo, venison…It’s a little cheaper than Wellness, but not much…and there’s no grain…


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