Frostwire?? is it a good website? need help. lmao

okay so I heard limewire. is like the worst thing to use ???

sooo… I decided to think about trying out Frostwire. its like the exact way as limewire looks the same just blue.

Should I download it to my laptop or is that a bad idea? because I like need to upload music!!! ughhh help =)

Answer #1

I dont’ have proof on here that I can show - although I do have a broken laptop that will not work from dowloading mp3s on limewire, so yea I know what I’m talking about.

Answer #2

mandyloo where is YOUR proof? There is no way you can get a virus from a .mp3 or .wav file, but you can ge tone from .wma.

Want proof?

I’ve also downloaded thousands of MP3 files and not a single virus.

Answer #3

you won’t get virus downloading mp3’s from lime wire either! you will only get them from downloading wma… mp3’s don’t contain virus’s. The best way to go is torrents, thats how I get all my music. I’ve downloaded over a thousand songs in one day and all I had to do was click a few buttons and I was on my way!

Answer #4

its muuuch better than limewire. Faster, less spam and viruses. Give it a try, but like any torrent program, it contains harmful content that can mess up your computer. Id stick with strictly music. Stray from trying to download Images or Programs. <3

Answer #5

I say limewire is way better that frostwire cause when I was about to download frostwire virus protection wouldn’t let me and limewire has no virus

Answer #6

I use to use limewire, it slowed my computer down so much and gave me hundreds of viruses! mostley trogan. alll I would download is music!

all my friends who have macs and pcs say that frostwire hasn’t given them any problems and that it’s way better than limewire. I’m afraid to try it though since we spent $800 fixing two computers that crashed because of limewire :(

Answer #7

You can still get virus’s from dowloading Mp3’s on limewire. Dont give out false information please.

Although, if you have a stong virus protection, with Mp3’s your virus protection will catch them.

Answer #8

well I never download those anyway =) lol

I just go for the music!! lol

Answer #9

but I dont want to use Limewire… lol I want to use Frostwire ??

haahaa. lol.

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