How can i get into friendster if it's blocked.

How can I get into friendster if it's blocked. I've tried ultrasurf but friendster page shows Temporary maintenance. So is there any other software like ultrsurf that would get me into friendster?
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Friendster is or has not been down. Im not sure what you mean that its blocked. If you are in another country other than the US, UK or Australia then there could be a chance that the site is blocked via government or ISP.

Try look about half way down the page and select Try for Free. Then enter the friendster address. If it works then you are blocked or you have a browser problem or a virus.

Try a different browser. If you use Internet Explorer, try Firefox and vise versa.

If megaproxy lets you view the site you will have to subscribe to the site to be able to log in to friendster. But, you can always change your connection settings in your browser to use a proxy address, google proxy address to get lists that you can use, you can also look for a program called Hide IP.

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if its down for temporary maintenence then no one can get in
there isnt anything you can use or any proxy site that will work
theyve disabled the site so no one can go on untill they finnish fixing up or changing what they need to
all you can do is wait untill there finnished

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