Would you tell your friend that you are going out with someone?

Answer #1

If it was a close friend…yes, but like a school friend… no, but if they really wanted to know then yes… I do not like everyone knowing my buisness…it is just the way I am, anyways, good luck..

xx. superfresh.

Answer #2

It would depend. If I had a friend that I told everything and I trusted them, then yes. But if I had a friend that gossips all the time and I don’t really trust them or If I had a friend that was a “garden tool” then no.

Answer #3

What reason would there be to not tell them? They are your friend and they’ll find out eventually anyways, so it’s better if you tell them.

Answer #4

Yeah I tell my friends when I have a boyfriend.

Answer #5

Yes I’d tell them. they have no reason not to know. Plus if they’re a good friend they’ll support you.

Answer #6

If you like someone would you got out with then?

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