Who would you rather be friends or more with: Justin Bieber,Robert Pattinson or Orlando Bloom?


Answer #1

Justin Bieber, I suppose. The other 2 are ugly as fck. At least Justin is kind of hot.

Answer #2

Gee… None is my type. But If I have to…then..Orlando Bloom…yay! LOL

Answer #3

Gee… None is my type. But If I have to…then..Orlando Bloom…yay! LOL

Answer #4

Yeah he is haha but I still really dislike them all! Lol A few of my friends are like obsessed with Justin bieber and one of my friends are obsessed with Robert Pattinson It’s sooooo annoying cause theyre always like I’m gonna marry him some day XP hahahaha

Answer #5

That’s rediculous lol.

Answer #6

Justin’s too young, Orlando’s too old and Robert Pattinson apparently doesn’t bathe. I vote none!

Answer #7

Orlando bloom, he doesn’t sparkle, and he doesnt sound like a 4year old girl

Answer #8

Well probably justin or robert but I’m more into robert.cause once I watched him in Oprah on the episode of eclipse,he hurt my stomach so bad!he had a very good sense of humor!and I think its really fun to have friend with a good sense of humor :D that’ll make your day be more colorful ahhahaha

Answer #9

probably robert, i would be forced to kill justin beiber (sorry guys!) i probably wouldn’t be able to speak in front of orlando bloom, i know robert pattinson has a good sense of humour and he comes from the uk too and because scottish people tend to talk fast and use scottish words he would probably understand me best then

Answer #10

Orlando Bloom cause he’s hot! Lol! xD

Answer #11

None to tell you the truth they are all in the spotlight, instantly making them not my type.

Answer #12

Exactly my thoughts.

Answer #13

Justin Bieber!!

Answer #14

I don’t like the twilight series, but probably Robert Pattinson. Justin Beiber is a conceited little twat, and I don’t really like Orlando Bloom a lot, or rather, I never like his characters in movies.

Answer #15

I hate Justin Bieber. I don’t like Orlando Bloom, so it would have to be Robert Pattinson, I guess.

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