How do you drop a friend?

how do you drop a friend without hurting her feelings?

Answer #1

Well if she really bothers you, just stop talking to her. Tell her your tired of being bossed around and you don’t need that in your life anymore.

She most likely will realize the situation and apologize, that or shes hard-headed and insists she never bosses you around.

Answer #2

Try talking to her about it before you just drop her as a friend tell her that you don’t like the way she acts she may realize that and trying changing a little bit for the best good luck :]

Answer #3

there is not really a problem she just always wants to get her own way and its really bugging me and I dont want to hurt her feeling cause I ve tried it before with her and she turn a lot of people against me what should I do??

Answer #4

If you are concerned about hurting someones feelings then they aren’t /dropworthy/. Maybe you should try again and give us a whole situation.

Answer #5

ooo I had a friend like fact she was my only bridesmaid (because she got uppety about the others!!! lol)

but eventually you have to call it a day, she met a guy and she became very hypercrtical, and I lost all respect for her, she would do things she always bad mouthed others for doing, it resulted in us having a full on email war! she kind of worked over the problems, but it all started up again…I just wasn’t prepared to take her poop anymore. and that’s obviously where you are.

I would say to her you find her domineering and possesive, and just say you love her as a friend, but you feel your opinion doesn’t matter or count anymore…if she says sorry and backs down, then cool. if she gets defensive then thats’ that really, but I can promise you, if YOU thin this of her, there are others that do too.

my ex-friend managed to write of tonns of friends in her time, she had her lackys (like al bullys do) who were devote becuase they’d rather have her on their side…but there will be many who don’t get on with her or avoid her anymore… since I stopped being friends with her, and I assure you, she bad mouthed me, she has since stop being friends with a lot of them, and now we’re friends (ironic ay!)

but you will make more friends, and if she carries on with this behaviour she will eventually end up alone…or with just the lackys, and their nor real friends, they’re just people to scared to NOT be her friend!

you’ll be fine x

Answer #6

work out what the problems is. a real friend is someone you can work these problems out with…I have a friend os 26 years (ooo that makes me feel v old!) and we have had our share of issues, we haven’t spoken and we’ve definately disagreed…

what’s the problem with the friendship?

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