What should i do about my friend who is holding a grude against me for no reason?

So i have two friends Nadia and Jasmine both my bff’s. Nadia told me that she happened to know Jasmines bf because its a small world or small town and that they have actually been friends for about 3 or 4 yeahs, she also said that he’s a great guy but he kinda has a hard time keeping one girl, but other than that he’s great. So i told Jasmine exactly what nadia said and Jasmine was happy to hear that he’s a really great guy BUT Jasmine texted her bf and said “do you know a girl named Nadia?” he said yeah why but as the day went on he couldnt keep his lie staright and said he didnt know her, then all of a sudden he did. And all the while jasmine was telling him what nedia had said she was Overexasserating(spell error) the story saying things like “Nadia said yall been friends forever, and if she wanted to date you she could get you anytime she wanted and other things” So about 3 days after halloween, i got a text from Nadia saying “Lose my number, you are fake some bestie you are, now run and tell that 2” and i was just in total shock so i sent the text to jasmine and she was w|her bf at the time and he told her he hadnt talked to nadia. then about 4 days ago i got a picturemail with a text msg. convo from Jasmines bf to Nadia saying “why cant we be together?” then she said “dont you go w|that Jasmine girl?” nd he said “who?” then she said “ronnie(the bf) dont play with me. and that was the end. But im so confused because i know jasmines bf went back and told Nadia something because there would be no reason for her to be mad at me for nothing. and the whole time Jasmines bf got caught cheating on her with a girl that lives in miss. and shes still with him. but other than that i just dont know what to do shes not returning my texts or calls and i just want to know what to do and why shes mad at me. SORRY its so long!!

Answer #1

You probably did something to your friend. OR someone told your friend a lie. IDK But my opinion.. A friend will go thru a lot of thing with you. You’ll will have your ups and down. But you’ll know if that’s a friend worth being with if he/she admits that they were wrong for holding a grudge. But you should talk with your friend and let him/her know how you feel about it.

Answer #2

how can i talk to her if she ignores my call. text. messages etc.

Answer #3

Oh i see. Well i’ve always been told to give it time. Your friend knows you have been trying to call/txt/etc them. So you know that they know you are trying to make a difference. Something like that. But yeah give it time. Sorry to hear that: /

Answer #4

u should talk to them about the problem and see if yal can work it out between each other if you dont its going be even more of a problem with that otha person

Answer #5

u should talk to them about the problem and see if yal can work it out between each other if you dont its going be even more of a problem with that otha person

Answer #6

u should talk to them about the problem and see if yal can work it out between each other if you dont its going be even more of a problem with that otha person

Answer #7

I think the reason why Nadia is mad because you told Jasmine that she was not friends with the boy Jasmine wanted to go out with and Nadia lost him? I got a little confused lol But I think that the best thing to do here is to go up to her and ask her why she is mad at you, not everything that you guys talk about has to be trough phone, a face to face conversation would be better to deal with drama like this. If she is not willing to talk about this even face to face, then It’s time to let he go just because she got mad at you for no reason, as to what you say, and she is not willing to explain what you don’t understand. But this would be a ast choice, talk to her first and find what you did wrong, if you did, and if you did not then set things staight on what you where traying to do e.c.t

Answer #8

Oh yeah i forgot to mention at the top, that afew hours before my halloween party she (nadia) canceled on me she said “You better be glad your my bestfriend because i was suposed to have my bf over tonight” and any other time she is begging me to come over her house, we live e far so its hard for us to c each other. so the sec. i ask her she cancled smh. so then again she maybe my bff but i kinda think shes just tryna find a way to get mad at me because she feels bad about that and also non of my other friends like her and her attitude is slowly making me dislike her. so i will give it some more time bt im not hoping for alot.

Answer #9

Oh i didnt know you wrote a whole story. nothing wrong with that.. it explains it more.. But my question is.. Why Would Nadia just do that to you all of a sudden you were just letting her know things. Are you still friends with Jasmine? And Do you know her boyfriend personally? like are you friends with him

Answer #10

i told jasmine that nadia DID knw her bf and that they are great friends, and the whole time jasmine was happy about that. the whole point is jasmine over exazerated (spell error) the story to her bf who im guessing told her what jasmine said and nadia is mad at me. and we live really far to its hard to c each other.

Answer #11

Yes im still friends with jasmine because were both trying to figure out why she is getting this angry. and no dont know him personaly but i did talk to him on the phone for like 2mins. but other than that no.

Answer #12

So why was Jasmine happy that Nadia knew her boyfriend? I think something was manipulated so somehow Nadia would get mad at you?

Answer #13

Well she was happy like jumping up and down but she was kind of relieved, because all 3 of us are friends, but other than that, thats a good question.

Answer #14

Oh well that’s cool.. well not really because of the situation your in but dang.. Nadia should know that you’ll have known each other for a long time. But dang.. we all wish we could help you.. but like i said it will only take time to find out. She is just probably going thru something right now. Probably sad.. when you are in a relationship and you find out something bad it hurts that person and they kinda lose there mind for a while.. but they come to there senses again on who there real friends were and who was there for them.. something like that.. but Goodluck K.. imm bout to Call it a Nite.. NITE

Answer #15

Ok and Thank You so much and goodnight

Answer #16

Tell them you have no idea what u did and ask y they mad at u and if they dont tell you then give it sometime. If there really your friend they will get over it.

Answer #17

…ur friend isnt a true friend then bc if i held a grudge on one of my friends i would go to her/him first before asumeing anything and they would prolly do the same only the best one’s maybe she is just picking excuses just to be mad at you. maybe there is somthing else going on you may not being aware of.

Answer #18

yeah tht is so ture

Answer #19

Just ignore your friend or talk to your friend

Answer #20

yeah thats one way to

Answer #21

Life is too short to be living it with people like this, you are too special to be around people who dont appreciate you.

Answer #22

Thank you so much, that was very nice of you to say!

Answer #23

just let it go… it wont be worth it in 10 years

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